Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inspired by art & nature, Ginger Geyer is creating "FRUITION" in creta rome's countryside studio (work in progress).

Andrea della Robbia, Annunciation,
1490 circa, Florence, Museo dello Spedale degli Innocenti

Della Robbia workshop, Agnus Dei, 15th century,  Florence: Opera di Santa Maria deli Fiore

studio assistant!

Wow! Amazing what Ginger Geyer has been creating in creta rome's studio in the countryside near the lake of Bracciano. Taking her starting point from the wreaths of the 15th-century Della Robbia workshop, Ginger chose fruit growing in our garden for the four segments of her wreath: lemon, persimmon, grapes and pomogranates. With her extraordinary wit, she then combined a door knocker and Andrea della Robbia's Annunciation for the central element. There is even a nod to Caravaggio with the different stages of the maturation of the fruit. Can't wait to see it fired and painted!

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