Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our new resident artists

Rosie McGurran
Charlotte Troldahl
 We are really excited by the arrival of our new arrivals as artists in residence, Charlotte Troldahl andd Rosie McGurran. Both are visual artists who have not worked in clay extensively but are exploring the possibilities of the material here at creta rome. Rosie hails from Ireland whereas Charlotte is Danish. Look out for their up-coming show on 7 December!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inspired by art & nature, Ginger Geyer is creating "FRUITION" in creta rome's countryside studio (work in progress).

Andrea della Robbia, Annunciation,
1490 circa, Florence, Museo dello Spedale degli Innocenti

Della Robbia workshop, Agnus Dei, 15th century,  Florence: Opera di Santa Maria deli Fiore

studio assistant!

Wow! Amazing what Ginger Geyer has been creating in creta rome's studio in the countryside near the lake of Bracciano. Taking her starting point from the wreaths of the 15th-century Della Robbia workshop, Ginger chose fruit growing in our garden for the four segments of her wreath: lemon, persimmon, grapes and pomogranates. With her extraordinary wit, she then combined a door knocker and Andrea della Robbia's Annunciation for the central element. There is even a nod to Caravaggio with the different stages of the maturation of the fruit. Can't wait to see it fired and painted!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Upcoming Workshop: low-fire glazes & lustre in reduction in second firing with Paolo Porelli

Interested in taking a workshop? Check out our up-coming workshop on low-fire glazes in reduction and lustres. The workshop will take place the 22, 26 November and the 6th December from 10-18.

The first day there will be an introduction to the history and technology of reduction and luster, followed by the production of a few pieces. The second day we will prepare several glazes with
raw materials and develop various decorative solution. On the last day, we will fire the pieces, following the firing through the reduction phase. The first two days will be held in the studio in Rome, and the final day in the studio near Anguillara. You can come by car private or take the train (F3 ) to the station of Anguillara.

For more info and costs, contact us at this e-mail or by telephone at 3478024581.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Functions of Ritual and the Vessels of Ritual - Artist Opening

Check out a few photos from past Fridays opening & artist talks.

The opening featured Jordan Pruett's "Vessels of Ritual" & Alison Young's "The Functions of Ritual"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ginger Geyer has just arrived at our studio in the countryside!

We are already having fun at our studio in the countryside with the arrival of Ginger Geyer from Austin, Texas. Look out for her amazing works in porcelain. She is already working on the reflection of the Sistine Chapel on an old-fashioned flashbulb! Wow!

Opening and Artist Talks!

Stop by c.r.e.t.a. rome on Friday 25 October at 18:30 and check out our residents' work. Both Ali and Jordan will present talks about their work. The talks will be followed by a reception with food & wine! The exhibition will remain open through 29 October, from 2:30-7:30 every day.

Jordan Pruett: Vessels of Ritual 
Alison Hatfield Young: The Functions of Ritual

final touches to the design


A few final touches and sneak peak of the artists' work! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ceramics class this past Thursday had it all!

Work on the wheel, glazing, slab-making

coiling with our newest student helped by Paolo and our intern Christopher.

Paolo Porelli at Ceramics Annual of America 2013 today and tomorrow!! Here are some of the works on display. Look for the apintings too!!



work by one of our current residents Jordan Pruett.

For details see our web-site at or contact us at


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Here we come - S.O.F.A. Chicago 2013!

Look for this ad in the latest issue of Ceramics: Art & Perception. A huge thank you to Lucy Lacoste for the invitation to participate in S.O.F.A. Chicago 2013. The 'New Directions' show presents the work of Josephine Burr, Sunshine Cobb, Colby Parsons, Paolo Porelli ((his "Excess" appears above) and Linda Swanson.

Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design Fair is celebrating 20 years this time around! Read more about the event here on their website!

Fall Residents 2013

All smiles this week at c.r.e.t.a. rome as we welcome our third fall resident for 2013! We are excited to have these three talented artists in Rome! 

Check them out!

Alison Hatfield Young
Alison is an American artist specializing in ceramic art. She will be in residence at c.r.e.t.a for 6 weeks. You can follow Alison's experience in Rome on her tumblr, or check out her work on her website!

Jordan Vincent

Jordan is an American artist specializing in sculptural pottery. He will be in residence with us for 6 weeks. You can follow his work on his website Jordan Vincent Pottery.

Elizabeth Dychter

Elizabeth is an Argentinean ceramic sculptor. She will be in residence in Rome for 3 months. She just arrived on Monday but is already hard at work. Her work can be found on her website Elizabeth Dychter.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August in the States!: 'New Directions' at Lacoste Gallery and a visit to Jeff Shapiro's studio

Paolo Porelli and Lucy Lacoste at the opening of 'New Directions', Lacoste Gallery

Paolo Porelli, Colby Parsons, Linda Swanson & Lucy Lacoste

Josephine Burr, Colby Parsons & Paolo Porelli
Happy birthday Alinda!!

Paolo Porelli & Jeff Shapiro

Paolo Porelli's Artist talk at Lacoste Gallery

Excited to be back in Rome after a whirlwind trip to the States. We attended the opening of the 'New Directions' show at Lacoste Gallery on the 10th of August, went shopping at Bailey's Ceramic Supplies and visited the studio of Jeff Shapiro on the 16th, and then returned to the Lacoste Gallery on the 17th for Paolo's artist talk! Wow!!